Monday, August 4, 2008


nobody's girl

Hey, it's great to see grassroots projects like NOBODY'S GIRL are alive and well in the ol' ATX. Last night some of us caught a screening of the 30-minute film, brainchild of Michael Nason (AUS) and Brendan Harman (NYC), at the Blue Theater. Shorts by Max Juren, Elliot Hoestetler and Duncan Malashock got the crowd pumped beforehand.

The central theme of the movie appears to be immigration, but I am still unpacking the whole thing - Harman threw the word Dada around a couple times when discussing the movie, so maybe I'll never finish. Regardless, it's really inspiring to see an ambitious, considered, collaborative work like this come to fruition. Shout out to Johnny Cisneros in his short, but dead-on portrayal of "Director."

Also, if somehow you can get a hold of Elliot's Rapture (getting sucked up to heaven, not the band) themed short, do so. It is perfect in all ways, right down to the highly visible... well, I don't want to give it away.

Nobody's Girl Website

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