Friday, August 15, 2008

Cut the Cord! at Okay Mountain

From the Okay Mountain website...

Cut The Cord! From Up Here Everything Makes Sense!

Opening Reception: Saturday August 16th 7-10pm
Exhibition Dates: August 16th - September 20th 2008
Gallery Hours: Wednesday 7-9pm and Saturday 12-5pm

This group show is centered around the medium of video art. The videos will be shown in the screening format, one played after the other. There is no specific theme, rather the videos are put together as one would put together a mixed tape, allowing for a natural flow to form as one work leads into the next.

Elizabeth Axtman
Terry Chatkupt
David Dempewolf
Benjamin Dowell
Marcella Faustini
Timothy Hutchings
Annetta Kapon
Luke Lamborn
Cynthia Randolph
Andrew Simsak
Alexandre Singh
Jared Steffensen
William Wegman
Ryan Widger

Curated by Erick Michaud

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