Friday, June 26, 2009


Another amazing Jill Pangallo event to report: THE COLLECTIONS. Given only one month to produce a 40 minute video from conception to completion, Jill Pangallo teamed up with Max Juren to create THE COLLECTIONS. It's People, talking about their Things! It's a video, it's a performance, it's a documentary, it's a fantastical vision, it's a contemplation on how possessions shape a sense of self & it's probably pretty funny. (Also at some point I believe I am in it dressed like a cat.)
The screening tomorrow at the United States Art Authority includes performances throughout: accordians, tap dancing, mom jeans, trannys... F-U-N, Y'ALL. Only $10 and you get a choice of a Collections dvd, a Max Juren dvd, or a Jill Pangallo "Let Me Entertain You" book to take home!

(The Chronicle is really excited about it, too!)