Monday, January 19, 2009


GOOD NEWS: AVB, in conjunction with aGLIFF is presenting a screening!
CHANNELING: An Invocation of Spectral Bodies and Queer Spirits:

CHANNELING is an entryway into the spirit realm and the queer body politic: a program of experimental moving image work that summons the ghosts of the past and the specters of the future. If we imagine the technologies of film and video as occult mediums rather than technological ones, then perhaps we can make a kind of spiritual contact with the emotional and physical realities that are often invisible (ghostly) in everyday life. In this sense, both the camera and the ghost stories it captures can serve as powerful instruments in the act of queer worldmaking.

The artists in this program use their bodies and stories as conduits that channel the political and historical dramas that haunt the queer experience: the AIDS pandemic (Renwick, DiStefano), the body in transition (Montague), the idealized nuclear family (Pena, Robinson), and the cultural conventions that shape desire and desirability (EMR, Moulton).

CHANNELING is more than communing with the dead: it is a method of accessing the living. The stories we share together in the flickering light are not disembodied records of the past, but rather, bewitching presences that speak to us here, in this very darkened room. In using moving images to propose the phantom as a fundamentally queer body—a liminal manifestation, floating between two worlds—we open the possibility of entering into a spiritual dialogue from which queerness is often excluded. Like the process of filmmaking itself, CHANNELING is a reinterpretation of light and shadow; a new form of alchemy that can guide us through sorrow, pronounce our desires when we lack the language to do so, and conjure utopias that re-vision - and therefore reshape - the political present. The future is bright. Come into the light, Carol Anne!

Join us this coming Satuday, January 24, at 8:30 PM at The Hideout (617 Congress Ave).
Tickets are $5, and there will be a meet and greet with the curators, Ethan A White and Latham Zearfoss before the screening and a Q&A after the screening.
Get more info here and here.

ALSO, there will be a dance party afterward at The Cockpit (113 San Jacinto)!
Ethan and Latham will be DJ'ing some awesome dance (they have already promised some Sylvester, so I'm pleased as punch).

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


from the Box13 Website

Disturbance of Distance

OPENING Reception: Saturday, January 17, 7:30 to 9:30 pm

Skote: JILL PANGALLO, Austin and ALEX WHITE, New York

Curated by Eleanor L. Williams

Box 13 ArtSpace is pleased to announce the opening of Disturbance of Distance, a site-specific exhibition curated by Eleanor L. Williams, which brings together the work of Hana Hillerova, Leslie Mutchler, Jennifer Prichard, Emily Sloan, Gabriela Trzebinski, and Skote, a collaboration by Jill Pangallo and Alex White. Upon entering the exhibition visitors will be greeted with comedic “art-o-tainment” provided by Skote as a prelude to the exciting sculpture inside by Hillerova, Mutchler, Prichard, and Sloan, and a video installation by Trzebinski. The opening reception for the exhibition will be Saturday, January 17, 2009 from 7:30pm – 9:30pm. The exhibition will be on view from January 17, 2009 through February 19, 2009 with a curator and artists talk to be held on Thursday, February 19, 2009, at 7:00pm at Box 13 ArtSpace.

In Disturbance of Distance, Hana Hillerova offers what the artist describes as a utopian city of Buckminster Fuller design built by hippies that oscillates somewhere between chaos and order. Leslie Mutchler investigates the consumer desire to purchase an organized lifestyle focusing on furniture that functions as storage that unifies an accumulation of belongings into a minimal guise of solidarity.Ceramic artist Jennifer Prichard creates wall installations made of hundreds of handcrafted porcelain pieces that resemble beautiful new forms of lichen that propagate throughout a space. Emily Sloan proposes ideas regarding containment and nostalgia in her domestic-themed, life-sized snow globes. Gabriela Trzebinski presents a visceral and moving video installation examining the struggle against poaching in Africa. Finally, as guests arrive to and depart from the exhibition, Skote, a collaboration by Jill Pangallo and Alex White, will be staging a Live! From Pansuitland performance. Using the classic language of popular television formats — the talk show, the sitcom, and 70’s variety shows — Skote presents a comedic, art-o-tainment spin on celebrity-culture, object worship and reality TV, and at the same time exposes our own relationship to the phenomenon.


"AVB RE-Performs"

Austin Video Bee is a multimedia video collective based in Austin, Texas that seeks to promote experimental and innovative pieces and to be an integral part of the vital Austin arts community. Seven of the members of AVB have mined the history of performance art to find works that they felt were not "alive" or available to newer generations of artists and audiences. They each "re-performed" the work of an artist they admired and created video documentation of their performances. Stringing these documentation videos together becomes analogous to a game of "telephone," where our potential misunderstanding of what the performance originally was becomes a generative process, like covers of songs that retain the essential qualities of the original but become something new in the process.

"AVB RE-Performs" includes:
Elizabeth Abrams re-performs an excerpt from Hannah Wilke's "Gestures"
Anna Krackey re-performs Jill Pangallo's "Some Lady Kickboxing"
Ivan Lozano re-performs Ana Mendieta's "Body Tracks"
Jill Pangallo re-performs Vito Acconi's "Theme Song"
Corkey Sinks re-performs Marina Abramovic's reperformance of Gina Pane's "Conditioning"
Lee Webster re-performs Marina & Ulay's "Great Wall Walk"
Jamie Wentz re-performs Phyllis Baldino

The Green Box is a space for video and media installations and is upstairs at BOX13 ArtSpace.
For more information please contact Michael Henderson at and visit the website

Warren Oates in the Economic Crisis of 2008

Opening Reception: Saturday, January 17th 7-10pm

Exhibition Dates: January 17th - February 21st
Gallery Hours: Wednesday 7-9pm and Saturday 12-5pm

Matt Bua, Steven Canaday, Bruce Conkle, Dana Dart-McLean, Shawna Ferreira, Mark Flood, Andrew Guenther, Nick Lowe, Lauren Luloff, Michael Mahalchick, Brian Mumford, Mike Pare, Johnny Ryan, Jocelyn Shipley, Jennifer Sullivan, Matthew Thurber, Jim Tozzi, Michael Williams.

Artists selected by Dave Bryant.

Saturday, January 10, 2009


Business Deal Records & Okay Mountain present:
@ Okay Mountain
Saturday January 10th
4pm - 8pm

Come listen to the album and celebrate with us!
---- $6 entrance INCLUDES a CD! ----
"Come early: limited addition only 80 copies!"
(Participants get in free)

The Austin Band Lotto is a long-term experimental project whose goal is to promote the formation of new sounds, songs, friends and bands. How? By gathering a group of friends, acquaintances and strangers and putting all of their names in a hat. In August of 2009, we formed nine random bands with people playing randomly assigned instruments. Each band came up with two songs in two months using the assigned themes. Out of this social and musical experiment came new friends, new bands, and a dynamic, fun, and a highly listenable compilation. You can get sneak peek AND your hands on it before it's official CD RELEASE at Emo's on Saturday the 17th. The jewel cased album features liner notes from Chris Lyons, the initiator of the project, and photography and artwork by Patrick Healy.

Sounds real fun! BYOB and bring pillows or chairs for the video screening if you want to sit down. There will also be tasty vegetarian "Arawraps" from Ararat available for $5-$6. Yum.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Avant-Garde Gutter

Avant Cinema 2.5: No Drinks Allowed In Screening Room:
Thursday, January 15 @ 7 PM
Austin Studios Screening Room
(1901 E 51st Street)
$4 for AFS Members & Students with ID / $6 for Non-members
New media artists Ben Coonley and Kevin Bewersdorf continue AFS's Avant Cinema series with this two-man show of their deceptively simple and richly subversive works, executed with a wide array of digital tools. This evening of PowerPoint lectures, slide-shows, short videos, Internet curiosities and other sludge from the avant-gutter will also feature a special contest, with a tasty beverage as the main prize (not to be consumed in the screening room).

Works by Ben Coonley

Remapping the Apparatus: Cinematographic Specificity and Hybrid Media (2007-09, 12 min.)
Titanic (1998, 7 min.)
Trick or Treat Pony (2003, 8.5 min)
Valentine for Perfect Strangers (2006, 3.5 min)
Appropriation Piece (2008, 4.5 min)
The Best Gifts (2005, 2.5 min)

Works by Kevin Bewersdorf

Yes, Communication, Unity (Video, 2007, 3 min 36 sec.)
Stock Photos of American Life (Performance, 2008, approx 30 min.)

Don't miss this girlies and burlies, it's gonna be gr9!