Thursday, January 8, 2009

Avant-Garde Gutter

Avant Cinema 2.5: No Drinks Allowed In Screening Room:
Thursday, January 15 @ 7 PM
Austin Studios Screening Room
(1901 E 51st Street)
$4 for AFS Members & Students with ID / $6 for Non-members
New media artists Ben Coonley and Kevin Bewersdorf continue AFS's Avant Cinema series with this two-man show of their deceptively simple and richly subversive works, executed with a wide array of digital tools. This evening of PowerPoint lectures, slide-shows, short videos, Internet curiosities and other sludge from the avant-gutter will also feature a special contest, with a tasty beverage as the main prize (not to be consumed in the screening room).

Works by Ben Coonley

Remapping the Apparatus: Cinematographic Specificity and Hybrid Media (2007-09, 12 min.)
Titanic (1998, 7 min.)
Trick or Treat Pony (2003, 8.5 min)
Valentine for Perfect Strangers (2006, 3.5 min)
Appropriation Piece (2008, 4.5 min)
The Best Gifts (2005, 2.5 min)

Works by Kevin Bewersdorf

Yes, Communication, Unity (Video, 2007, 3 min 36 sec.)
Stock Photos of American Life (Performance, 2008, approx 30 min.)

Don't miss this girlies and burlies, it's gonna be gr9!

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