Thursday, December 6, 2007

Laz Rojas

My name is Laz Rojas, and I'm a 44 year old actor/writer/filmmaker
currently residing in Miami, Florida. I'm also an artist/cartoonist.
I'm currently seeking employment and/or representation in any of these
fields, so if you'd like to learn more about my abilities and see examples
of my work, please click on any of the buttons below.


Elizabeth A said...

Wow, Ivan, this guy is amazing. I like when he puts on 'Justify My Love' in your second choice.
Do you know more about him, or is he a real internet enigma?

Ivan said...

his website is somewhat informative. he basically wrote lots of scripts and also wanted to break into hollywood but nobody would give him a chance. so he made a feature length compilation of selections from his scripts where he acted out all the parts. it didn't work out as well as he hoped for. mostly he's been an idol for underground/experimental film/video programmers. now he does lots of computer games stuff, he loves computer games!

Corkey Sinks said...

i need to see the whole thing. it's pretty amazing that this guy, doing all the roles by himself, still managed to keep the sound pretty clean. and when he kisses himself... as lesbians... whoa whoa whoa.